Alliance Laundry Equipment

Alliance Laundry Equipment supplies Unimac, Speed Queen and Dexter equipment and services for fire departments across the Intermountain West.  We can help you better understand how to improve your station's compliance with the most cost-effective modern solutions.

Firefighter's PPE System

The UniMac® PPE Drying Cabinet offers preset programs ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours to help you greatly reduce drying time versus conventional methods. Simply select one of the five presets and press “Start,” and get your PPE back into service fast. With a dual-sided airflow process, the dryer sends heated air around and inside your turnout gear for thorough drying at maximum speed and efficiency, therefore reducing utility costs. Combine the dryer with a UniMac washer-extractor to help comply with updated NFPA 1851 guidelines, and gain added peace of mind with a one-year warranty.

To learn more about the changes to NFPA 1851 requirements - click here and here



Dangerous hydrocarbons left on gear pose a number of problems—including a doubled risk of many cancers. With this in mind, new NFPA standards recommend protecting your company by washing PPE after every fire. UniMac machines—equipped with TotalVue™ and the cloud-based FireLinc™ application—let safety officers easily maintain a full gear-washing history for each member of their team.

* Sync with your inventory-tracking system

* Sort by equipment ID, location and who completed wash

* See what machine—and which cycle—was used

* Export wash history to spreadsheet for easy auditing

Furthermore, as industry experts in fabrics, PPE manufacturers, chemists, labs and certified ISP’s continue to refine PPE-cleaning best practices, rest assured that UniMac and FireLinc will stay right in step, bringing that expertise to your stations and assuring it’s factored into every washnew