Alliance Laundry Equipment


In the on-premises laundry industry, there is a difference between price and cost. Price is what you pay for laundry equipment and cost is what you will spend over the life  of the machine. UniMac industrial laundry equipment leverages high-performance features and technology to ensure the lowest cost of ownership. High performance means superior efficiency, greater throughput and premium finished quality results.

UniMac’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies  and features that deliver maximum performance ensures our customers achieve the highest level of efficiency. We will never be the least expensive equipment on the market, but our focus on the lowest operating costs means our washer-extractors and tumble dryers deliver greater efficiency over their lifetimes. That means years of return on investment for our valued customers.

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UniLinc is a complete OPL control system that allows you to gather machine performance and maintenance data. Designed with both washer-extractors and tumblers in mind, our advanced controls and reports provide ease of use across all your machines to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

For over 125 years Dexter Laundry has been helping people and businesses around the world process laundry faster and more efficiently. Our team of employee owners is committed to building a full line of washers, dryers, and management systems you can trust. Every Dexter product is made in the USA and backed by lifetime technical support and industry-leading warranties.

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Revolutionize your laundry management experience with 

the power and control of DexterLive. By combining proven 

technology with the data that you need, you’ll have the 

expert knowledge to manage your laundry.

B&C Technologies is there for your laundry needs from beginning to end. Our unsurpassed single roll and multi roll deep chest ironers and finally to our dependable feeders and folders. Using only the highest quality components, our finishing equipment is designed to produce outstanding results and long life. We designed our machines with simplicity in mind, keeping our equipment user friendly and easy to maintain. This allows for savings of both training time and repair costs.

Lavatec Laundry Technology represents a new perspective in economy, efficiency and cleanliness. Our products, whether they be used for washing, water-extraction, drying, ironing or transportation, can provide fully automated laundry solutions. Customers from the largest commercial and industrial laundries, as well as from hotels and hospitals, depend on our product technology for the safe and economic processing of their work.