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UniMac is the world's leading source of heavy-duty industrial laundry solutions.  UniMac's robust machines are designed to maximize throughput, minimize costs and deliver the best return on laundry investment.

UniMac’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies  and features that deliver maximum performance ensures our customers achieve the highest level of efficiency. We will never be the least expensive equipment on the market, but our focus on the lowest operating costs means our washer-extractors and tumble dryers deliver greater efficiency over their lifetimes. That means years of return on investment for our valued customers.

UniMac High-Performance Industrial Washer-Extractors

UniMac UW High Performance Industrial Washer-Extractors are the best fit for laundry operations that require the absolute best in efficiency and performance.  Long term trouble-free investment with lower operating costs

  • Best for those with dedicated, full time labor managing the laundry operation.  Examples include Health care operations, hotels, commercial laundry or corrections environments.
  • Up to 400 G-Force
  • 34 languages ensure all staff cannot just operate, but operate it correctly.
  • Touch control panel with 48 programmable cycles.  Offers features such as advanced start, real-time clock, maintenance reminders and monitoring of error codes and idle times.  
  • Optispray - minimizes the water required to rinse a load and reduces cycle times compared to bath rinses.  Superior rinsing with 12% less cycle time and 22% less residual wash chemistry compared to nearest competitor
  • Comes in the following capacities: 45lb, 65lb, 85lb, 105lb, 130lb, 160lb and 200lb

UniMac Mid-Performance Industrial Washer-Extractors

UniMac Mid-Performance Industrial Washer-Extractors are designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction.  The mid-performance washer-extractors deliver all the benefits of the high-performance UW models, but with a maximum 200 G-Force extraction speed.

  • Best for those with medium use, part-time, dual source labor.  Examples include small hotel, mid-sized nursing home or fire station use.
  • M30 control panel with 30 programmable water levels and 30 programmable cycles
  • Comes in the following capacities: 45lb, 65lb, 85lb, 105lb and 130lb

UniMac Cabinet Hardmount Washer-Extractors

UniMac Cabinet Hardmount washer-extractors are designed to meet the needs of smaller, lower volume laundry operations or larger OPL facilities that want to add versatility while still possessing Unimac's trademark quality.  High throughput and high efficiency but in a more affordable package.

  • Best for those with no dedicated laundry labor, less cycles per day.  Examples include assisted living, restaurant, volunteer fire station, spa and athletic facility use.
  • M9 control panel with 9 programmable cycles
  • Comes in the following capacities: 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 60lb and 80lb

UniMac Softmount Washer-Extractors

UniMac Softmount washer-extractors are designed for second-floor on-premises laundries or other locations where a poured foundation isn't an option.  Heavy duty coil springs eliminate the need for special foundations, and strategically placed shock absorbers result in a tuned suspension system that absorbs out-of-balance load vibrations.

UniMac Industrial Tumble Dryers

UniMac Industrial Tumble Dryers are in a league of their own in terms of performance and efficiency.  These durable commercial laundry machines achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results while significantly reducing utility and labor expense.  

UniMac Commercial Stacked Washer/Dryers

For on-premises laundries where space is an issue, UniMac commercial stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryers deliver exceptional capacity in a small footprint.  Supports a higher volume than typical retail and light commercial products.

  • 66% more wash capacity than typical retail top-load washers.
  • More than double production with higher capacity and faster wash times than retail washers
  • Reliability and durability that drastically outperforms retail or light commercial options.
  • Available in 30lb and 50lb capacities

UniMac Light Commercial Washers and Dryers

UniMac Light Commercial Washers and Dryers are for facilities that don't require large capacity laundry equipment.  Best for facilities that demand superior quality on a smaller scale or wish to supplement their current lineup with some smaller alternatives.

  • Washers comes in both top load and front load versions.
  • E-Mech control panel 
  • Washers come in a 16lb top load or 21.5lb front load capacity
  • Dryers are 18lb capacity 
  • Stacked light commercial washer/dryers  and dual light commercial stacked dryers also available

UniMac CarWash Laundry Machines

The UM202 is the only heavy-duty toploading washer-extractor in the world constructed from 100% stainless steel. It has long been the industry standard for car wash owners who require an effective wash at an efficient pace.

  • Specially designed for fast-paced environments. Its basic design makes it easy to use over the course of a busy day. Plus, the 690 G-Force extraction ensures that your towels will be completely dry and ready to use the moment they come out of the machine.
  • The basic design allows for low maintenance and easy troubleshooting, while easy-to-use controls make training and operation simple for your employees.
  • The UM202 requires no special flooring, doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor, and our UL rain proof enclosure makes it a great fit for car washes

Commercial Ironing Equipment - 20" Heated Roller

While units are available with 10" or 13" or 20" diameter rolls, selecting the proper size will make the job easier. The larger the diameter of the roll, the faster the operating speed since the linen is in more contact with the heated surface. The ironer’s finishing length should be slightly larger than the width of the linen you will finish. Most linens for tables of four will require a 63" width. If finishing sheets or banquet tablecloths, you may require a 126" width.
  • 20" Roll Diameter - 5-26 feet per minute Ironing Speed
  • Comes in 79" Width, 102" Width and 126" Width options

Commercial Ironing Equipment - 13" Heated Roller

When only the highest quality finish will do, UniMac® heated roll flatwork finishers deliver seriously superior results. 

  • 13" Roll Diameter
  • 3-20 feet per minute Ironing Speed
  • Comes in 66" Width, and 82" Width options

Commercial Ironing Equipment - 10" Heated Roller

When only the highest quality finish will do, UniMac® heated roll flatwork finishers deliver seriously superior results. 

  • 10" Roll Diameter
  • 7-13 feet per minute Ironing Speed
  • Comes in 55" Width option

Firefighter's PPE Drying Cabinet 

The UniMac® PPE Drying Cabinet offers preset programs ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours to help you greatly reduce drying time versus conventional methods. Simply select one of the five presets and press “Start,” and get your PPE back into service fast. With a dual-sided airflow process, the dryer sends heated air around and inside your turnout gear for thorough drying at maximum speed and efficiency, therefore reducing utility costs. Combine the dryer with a UniMac washer-extractor to help comply with NFPA 1851 guidelines, and gain added peace of mind with a one-year warranty.

UniMac Financing

If you are interested in new laundry equipment but are concerned about the up-front costs and capital requirements, we also offer UniMac financing options to provide you with additional flexibility.

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