Alliance Laundry Equipment

Alliance Laundry Equipment supplies Dexter and Speed Queen equipment and services to the laundromat industry across the Intermountain West.  We will help you lower your costs and improve your laundromat's efficiency.  

Laundromats and Dexter Equipment

Dexter has Better Designs and uses Higher Quality Materials
Dexter selects only the best materials so they can build machines that show up for work year after year in even the harshest laundry environments. Every Dexter washer is designed to withstand a rigorous 1,000-hour test - running at maximum extract with an extreme out-of-balance load. They do this because they believe that it’s important that every new model lives up to the Dexter name.  They have been building laundry equipment for over 125 years.

Dexter Vended Products
We know an investment in laundry is an investment in your future. That’s why we recommend Dexter's quality products you can depend on. Dexter's vended line offers various features, multiple appearance packages and a wide selection of capacities so you can find the perfect products to meet your location's needs.

Reliability and Lifetime Technical Support
Dexter offers lifetime technical support for their washers and dryers, and backs them with 5-and 10- year warranties for major components and 3 year parts warranties.

The DexterLive network seamlessly connects Dexter machines to the cloud to provide unprecedented analytics and control giving you the freedom to manage your store anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The world is changing and your customers are looking for more payment options. DexterPay allows you to offer simple and secure mobile payment in addition to traditional payment options. Plus, since it integrates with DexterLive, there are no annual fees - you only pay when customers use the app.
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Below are some tips to improve the efficiency of your laundromat.  Call us for more details and help to optimize your laundromat.

Turns Per Day

A healthy store should have a minimum of 3 turns per day with a target of 4-5.  Best in class have more than 5 turns per day.

Wash to Dry Ratio

Most laundries don't have enough dryer capacity.  A good ratio is 1.2 lbs of dryer capacity for every 1 lb of wash capacity.

Capacity Per Square Foot

The right balance of equipment and open space is important.  Equipment should occupy 20-25% of the space; any more will appear crowded, any less leaves money on the table.


An older machine can actually end up costing you more than buying new. If repair costs are more than 2% of your gross revenues, you are probably better off to upgrade to new.  


Best-in-class laundries operate with utilities at approximately 15% of gross income. Regional differences apply.

Tax Benefits

New equipment doesn't just increase revenue, but also can reduce your tax bill.  Talk with your accountant to see how a capital purchase will lower your tax burden.

Larger Capacity

Bigger is usually better.  Customers prefer larger capacity machines because of perceived time and cost savings.

Plus Cycles

Extended cycles and temperature based pricing offers customers more options and provides you with additional revenue opportunity of 10-20%.

Extract Speed

Pay attention to the extract speed of your washers.  200 g-force washers reduce dry times and reduce utility expenses.

Upgrade from Top Loaders to Commercial Grade Equipment

Commercial machines provide higher capacity in the same footprint as most top load washers.  They also provide utility and repair savings.