Alliance Laundry Equipment

Why Laundromats are an Attractive Investment 

Recession Resistant

Lower Start-up Costs

Lower Failure Rates

Less Upkeep and Bookkeeping

Unaffected by Seasonality

Fewer Regulations

Cash Business- no Accounts Receivable

Almost no Inventory Needed

Less Employee Labor Needed

How to Start a Laundromat?

Call us at (800) 331-1136

Utah Phone: (801) 266-7086

Idaho Phone: (208) 892-5820

Colorado Phone: (720) 370-1032

We will walk you through the following important steps

Business Plan

Location (Criteria and Site Evaluation)

Layout Design

Optimal Machine Mix (Type and Size)

Investment Needed and Financing Options

Steps Required to Open

Starting with Success with your Grand Opening!